Flight Instruction Pricing

Primary Flight Instruction $65.00/Hr

Private Pilot Training, Checkout, Flight Review

Advanced Flight Instruction $75.00/hr

Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine, Tailwheel Instruction, Instrument Proficiency Check

Multi-Engine Flight Instruction $80.00/hr

Private Multi, Commercial Multi, and MEI Training

Aircraft Rental Pricing

Cessna & Piper Warrior Rate: $155/hr 
We offer a block rate of $1,475 for 10 hours of Flight time
*N4394Q 160/hr

Citabria Tailwheel Rate: $125/hr 

Citabria is only available for flight training, No Solo Rental Authorized

Grumman Cougar Multi-engine Rate: $295/hr 

We Offer a block rate for $2,850 for 10 hours of flight time.