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Flight Instruction Pricing

Primary Flight Instruction $75.00/Hr
Private Pilot Training, Checkout, Flight Review

Advanced Flight Instruction $90.00/hr
Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine, Cirrus, Instrument Proficiency Check

Multi-Engine Flight Instruction $80.00/hr
Private Multi, Commercial Multi, and MEI Training

Ground Instruction $50.00/Hr
Pre-flight Brief, Post-flight Brief, Additional Topics Training

Flight Simulator $75.00/Hr
Includes instruction

Aircraft Rental Pricing

*Note: all aircraft rental prices are wet

Cessna 172 & Piper Warrior Rates: $170/hr 
Block rate:$162
Veteran rate:$153 
Aloft Advantage:$155


2001 Cirrus SR-20 N24XT: $260/hr 
Block rate:$247
Veteran rate:$234
Aloft Advantage rate:$245

Grumman Cougar Multi-engine Rate: $330/hr
Block rate:$314
Veteran rate:$297
Aloft Advantage rate: $315


2021 Cirrus SR-20 N25XT: $290/hr 
Block rate:$275
Veteran rate:$261
Aloft Advantage rate:$275

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