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What is a Private Pilot License?

    With a Private Pilot License (PPL), you can fly an airplane during the day and night in visual flight conditions. 

    In fact, you can even carry passengers, such as friends, family, and co-workers.

     You cannot fly for paid compensation or hire. However, you can share the operating expenses with your passengers.

     The PPL is your foundation course on a pathway to an exciting Career in Aviation!

What are the Requirements?

Getting Ready

  • 16 Years of Age to Solo

  • 17 Years of Age for a Private Pilot License

  • Must Be Able to Pass at least a 3rd Class Medical

  • Read, Speak, and Understand English

  • Attend a Ground School or Complete a Self Study Course

  • Pass The FAA Knowledge Test

The Flying

  • Log at a Minimum 40 Hours Flight Time (which include)

  • 20 Hours With an Certified Instructor

    • 3 Hours Of Cross Country Flight

    • 3 Hours Of Night Flight Training

      • One Cross Country Flight Of Over 100NM

      • 10 Takeoffs & Landings In An Airport Traffic Pattern

    • 3 Hours of Flight Training By Reference to Instruments

    • 3 Hours of Flight Training within 60 Days Of You Practical Test

  • 10 Hours of Solo Flight

    • 5 Hours Of Solo Cross Country Flying

    • 1 Solo Cross Country flight Of At Least 150nm With 3 Full Stop Landings

    • 3 T/O & Landings At An Airport With A Control Tower


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