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Aircraft Rental

We allow most of our aircraft to be rented out to the public. We do have several procedures that are required to rent our airplanes. 

Rental Requirements

Checkout Form

Before Renting one of our aircraft for personal use, we require our renters to complete a rental checkout form. This can be picked up in person at Aloft Aviation. 

Logbook Review

When doing a Checkout we will look at your logbook to see your Flight Experience, Recency, and Currency. 

Rental Checkout Flight

For a Rental Checkout Flight, You will be with one of our flight instructors. We usually go through standard Private Pilot Recoveries, Maneuvers, lost procedures and avionics tutorial to make sure you are proficient. 

Mandatory Rental Agreements

  • If aircraft is being flown off-site renter will be billed minimum 3hrs flight time per 24 hour period  during the week Monday-Thursday.  

  • If aircraft is being flown off-site renter will be billed minimum 4hrs flight time per 24 hour period Friday-Sunday.

  • Rental Insurance is required when renting the airplane longer than 24hrs. 

  • Fuel Agreement: We will match our price to fuel that you put in the aircraft from another airport. YOU MUST KEEP FUEL RECEIPT in order for us to match our price with where the aircraft was fueled at. The Renter pays the difference. EXAMPLE: Fly to KFSD they charge $7.15/Gal 100LL, Renter give us the receipt, we will credit our fuel cost at KLVN which is $6.45. Renter pays the Difference of .50 cents a gallon. 

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