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The tailwheel endorsement is proficiency-based, meaning there is no minimum hour requirement to earn your endorsement. That said, most pilots require a minimum of 5-10 hours to become proficient and comfortable in the airplane.

Required training for the tailwheel endorsement per 14 CFR § 61.31 consists of:

  • Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings

  • Wheel landings

  • Go-around procedures

Your tailwheel training will cover additional items to enhance your skills:

  • Slow flight, power-on and power-off stalls, steep turns

  • Short field and soft field takeoffs and landings

  • Power-off 180-degree approaches and landings

  • Takeoffs and landings in crosswinds greater than 10 knots

  • Forward slips

  • Grass strip operations

$205/hr For Instruction + Airplane

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